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I know that the US is arming Taiwan with old ships but what would happen if Taiwan is sold a nuclear submarine or aircraft carrier would PRC want to attack more or get them to back off?






John Yau
Answered Thu
The US has already sold Taiwan a carrier: the USS Shangri-la CV-38. It was sold to Taiwan for scrapping.


Taiwan would not know what to do with an aircraft carrier and even if gifted a state of the art Ford class super carrier would likely just politely return the gift. Though if the super carrier came with a full complement of fighter jets Taiwan would keep the fighter jets.


Operating a carrier is enormously expensive! Furthermore carriers do not serve the military obxtives of Taiwan. Taiwan does not seek to project power beyond its shores. Even if Taiwan decided to operate a carrier without the usual escort fleet of missile destroyers and attack submarines a carrier alone out at sea is a sitting duck. A Taiwanese carrier would just be a big expensive soft target for the PLN. In fact if I were the Chinese if there’s a chance the gambit would succeed I would lobby the US Congress to sell Taiwan a super carrier. Buying and running the carrier would be so expensive that Taiwan would not be able to buy swarms of much more useful arms such as this:



Mark Knight Began learning to fly a plane at age 13 yrs 10 months.
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Mark Knight 13岁零10个月开始学习驾驶飞机。

Taiwan wouldn’t buy an aircraft carrier.


An aircraft carrier is of little use in a defensive battle of the kind Taiwan might need to fight against mainland China and would be sunk very quickly if they tried to use it that way. Taiwan has no long-range force-projection needs only a need to defend their airspace and lands against air attack and possible amphibious invasion attempts. For this kind of battle they need a lot of air-defence equipment to combat the Chinese air forces and anti-ship missiles and hunter-killer submarines to combat the Chinese naval forces.


So hunter-killer submarines and a huge number of anti-ship missiles would interest them along with a larger and more capable set of air defences to combat Chinese missiles and aircraft. This should in my opinion be provided.



Howard C. Berkowitz A few decades as a student of and consultant esp. C3ISR; wrote much on Wikis

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What would be the mission of either? Again and again on Quora people ask about specific pieces of hardware. rather than beginning with an operational requirement.
There’s also the question of even if Taiwan had these how long would it take for them to become operationally effective?

两者的使命分别是什么? Quora上的网友们一而再再而三地问道具体的硬件问题。却从不从操作要求开始谈起。


Peter Mason Blue Collar
Answered Jun 6
The Chinese government would protest and issue sternly worded warnings. But it would be holding it’s hand over it’s mouth to conceal the smile. An aircraft carrier would be worse than useless to a small nation ( or breakaway province from the Chinese perspective ) like Taiwan. It would be a crushing financial burden and the military wouldn’t know what to do with it.



Joe Montgomery former Corporal at U.S. Marine Corps (2009-2013)
Answered Jun 5
If the US offered to sell Taiwan an aircraft carrier Taiwan would most likely not buy it. If the US gave it to Taiwan as a gift Taiwan would not accept it. the cost of operating a modern aircraft carrier is monumental this without taking into account the facilities personnel and logistics as well as the geo political implications . for Taiwan it is simply not worth it as well as it just costs too much.